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Consumer Testimonials

UTC Management,
I am writing to express my excitement in my membership with UTC. Since I have been a member I have been invited to all the UTC events, and have made some incredible contacts to help me grow my client base. I have also met business professionals in which I can direct my clients to with trust that they will be dealt with in an ethical and professional matter. I have helped raise money for local charities and supported local business which held each event. I use my mobile app to find savings and enjoy showing new members all the rewards and benefits a UTC membership has to offer. I am proud and honored to be a member if this organization, and look forward to seeing it continue to grow.
Best Regards,
Brian Dalton
PNC Branch Manager
Tower City
Using the UTC app is so easy, I don’t know why you would not use it. I always have my phone with me so I can use it everywhere I go. Seeing how much money I have in my “wallet” and wanting to use it allows me to try new places while still going to my regular spots.
Matt Keirsey
UTC is a great organization and one that I feel comfortable recommending to others.  The company encourages people to get behind great causes, while at the same time offering discounts to businesses they already frequent. It is easy to sign up for and participate in.  My monthly subscription fee is always made up for by the promotions and discounts I receive throughout the month.  What I like most about UTC is the value: the discounts are straight forward.  UTC is already partnered with hundreds of businesses that I actually go to, unlike many group discount memberships that only offer a small selection of locations and hefty stipulations for being able to receive the discount. Unite This City is an organization worth subscribing to. As a UTC member, I am provided with access to all the local participating companies. This makes it easy to grab a few friends, find what's nearby to check in to and save money while supporting local businesses.
Carolyn Kruse
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